I’m very strong, I could fight off maybe 20 snails, 21 on a good day


you know that scene straight after the famous “Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?" and "You’re a lab rat, Rogers" fight when the helicarrier is under attack







i love that scene


Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

[ one | two ]

❝ This song is racist because boys just wanna have fun, too! ❞
Sips stream is a gift. (via jouleys)
Sips: Have you thought about the menu
Sjin: no... Well a little bit, were gonna have a main corse of Chilies
Sips: yeah
Sjin: with a side of chilies
Sips: yeah
Sjin: and then for desert...
Sips: and then wash it down with a nice...
Sjin: chilli smoothie
Sips: an ice cold one?
Sjin: an ice cold one if you like, or there is chilli tea on tap
Sips: is tea on tap?
Sjin: sometimes, depending on where you drink it
Sips: okay
Sjin: and for desert, clams.


this is important


You guys wanted Yogs stickers?https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/197636238/fan-made-yogscast-stickers?ref=pr_shop

Buy yours now! You get 2 of the sjin and sips sticker, 2 of the alsmiffy banana sticker and one of the hannah & kim (unless you want otherwise, tell me)

I’ve received permission from Turps before anyone inboxes me like “oi stop that” ;) 

"he didn’t appreciate that at all" (x)